About International Education

Today's high school students will graduate into a world vastly different from that of the 20th century. Rapid economic, technological, and social changes are creating a work thayt is ever more interconnected. To succeed in this new global age, our students will need a new skill set that goes beyond reading, math and sicence to include international knowledge and skills.

Vivien Stewart, Asia Society

Utah students are increasingly interconnected with their peers around the world. Students are chatting with friends around the globe, working on projects that span continents, and exploring collaborative approaches to problems that are truly of world-wide concern. Utah schools have both an opportunity and an obligation to prepare students for this dynamic new reality of global interconectedness.

When schools focus their attention to the unique demands and opportunities of international education, they enrich and expand current curriculum requirements. This international focus can take many forms and can strengthen all curricular areas.

  • Making connections between the content of a business or agriculture class and relevant international markets only serves to deepen understanding.

  • When students learn a world language, they enrich their understanding of other cultures even as they deepen their own understanding of their native language.

  • As students see nations around the world working to strengthen the rule of law, hold free and fair elections, and develop institutions that support individual freedom and dignity, they can see current anaologies of our own efforts at securing freedom and justice for all, making their history class even more relevant.

These are just a few examples of how teachers and classrooms can support international education. The resources and events on this site will give you even more ideas, and we welcome your comments and ideas as well. We want all of Utah's students to be able to compete, collaborate, and communicate with people around the world. As they encounter the worldwide marketplace of ideas and do business in world markets, they need the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for success.