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Internship & Service Opportunities for Students

UEN in a Nutshell Video

UEN in a Nutshell Video

The UEN Internship Program is designed to be an educational experience for the student. UEN interns will have the opportunity to apply their skills in a professional environment, work with an on-site mentor, and identify opportunities for career growth. At the start of an internship, students will be invited to help identify the learning objectives and project(s) that will form the basis of their work at UEN.

College and high school students are an important part of the audience UEN serves. We welcome and appreciate the fresh perspectives and talents interns can bring to our organization.

At the Utah Education Network (UEN), We Network for Education! We bring together technologies including web, television, computer networking, video conferencing and more to support Utah learners of all ages.

Internships for College Students

Upper division college students who have been accepted into their major coursework are eligible to apply. Internships are typically part-time, for one semester. If you would like more information on available internships, click here to complete this form.

UEN has occasional openings for unpaid interns in several different areas:

  • Video production and cataloging
  • Public relations and information design
  • Community outreach
  • Web services and social media
  • Distance education delivery systems
  • Software development
  • Computer network support

College Students applying for Internships must be University of Utah students.

High School Service Opportunities

On occasion, UEN may offer opportunities for high school students to earn service hours through volunteer work. If you are a high school student and would like to be considered for volunteer work at UEN, click here to complete this form.

Typically, these opportunities are in the summer and may include activities such as these:

  • Reviewing or maintaining database and digital asset information
  • Reviewing or testing web pages and programming
  • Participating in production of podcast episodes, video or web content