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Information for College Internships

Information in the form below will be emailed to UEN’s Internship Coordinator.  The coordinator will contact you within a week with information regarding any suitable opportunities.

Most work will take place at the Eccles Broadcast Center on the University of Utah campus. Internships are generally part time and unpaid; a small stipend or other modest compensation may be available in some cases upon successful completion of the internship.

College Students applying for Internships must be University of Utah students.

Contact Information:



  • 1. What is your major or primary area of study?

  • 2. Is an internship required for your degree?

  • 3. If applicable, how many total hours will you need to work to earn academic credit(s)?

  • 4. What area(s) interest you?

  • 5. List highlights of coursework, experience and skills that you can contribute to UEN during your internship. Please list only those items you feel are most unique/important - you will have an opportunity to submit a complete resume/cover letter later if a position is available.

  • 6. What would you like to learn or take away from an internship with UEN?

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