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High School Volunteer Service Opportunities

Information in the form below will be emailed to UEN’s Internship Coordinator.  The coordinator will respond within a week to provide you additional information about volunteer opportunities for high school students that may interest you.  Students should be 16 years of age or older at the time of their service.

Contact Information:



  • 1. Why would you like to volunteer at UEN?

  • 2. Briefly describe the area of work at UEN that most interests you and why – example work areas: web services, software programming, network support, public relations, social media, video production, running a TV station, teaching about technology/Internet, other...

  • 3. List highlights of activities, service or work experience, skills, and areas of school/coursework success to help us understand how you can best contribute to UEN, if selected.

    Highlights can be described in short phrases. Some examples include: President of the physics club, Served holiday meals at the homeless shelter, Worked as a lifeguard for two summers, 4.0 GPA, Set up wireless network at home. We recommend including 5 to 10 highlights that will help us get to know you.

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