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Utah Educational Leadership Standards - Performance Expectations

Draft 4/18/11

Standard 1: Visionary Leadership

  1. Educational Leaders establish high and measurable expectations for all students and educators.

  2. Educational Leaders facilitate a process of creating a shared vision, mission, and goals.

  3. Educational Leaders sustain strong organizational commitment to vision, mission and goals aimed at continuous improvement.


Standard 2: Teaching and Learning

  1. Educational Leaders ensure strong professional cultures that support teaching and learning.

  2. Educational Leaders require all educators to know and use Utah Core Curriculum, and current Utah Effective Teaching Standards.

  3. Educational Leaders implement appropriate systems of assessment and accountability


Standard 3: Management for Learning

  1. Educational Leaders distribute responsibilities and supervise ongoing management structures and practices to enhance teaching and learning.

  2. Educational Leaders strategically allocate and align human, fiscal, technological, and physical resources.

  3. Educational Leaders protect the well-being and safety of students and staff.


Standard 4: Community Collaboration

  1. Educational Leaders collaborate with families and diverse community stakeholders to extend programs, services, and outreach.

  2. Educational Leaders respond and contribute to community interests and needs

  3. Educational Leaders maximize shared school and community resources to provide essential services for students and families.


Standard 5: Ethical Leadership

  1. Educational Leaders demonstrate appropriate, ethical, and legal behavior expected by the profession.

  2. Educational Leaders examine personal assumptions, values, beliefs, cultural competencies, and practices in service of a shared vision, mission, and goals for student learning.

  3. Educational Leaders perform the work required for high levels of personal effective leadership performance, including acquiring new capacities needed to fulfill responsibilities.


Standard 6: Systems Leadership

  1. Educational Leaders demonstrate active participation in the school’s local community.

  2. Educational Leaders contribute to the larger arena of educational policy making.

  3. Educational Leaders increase the effectiveness of the school community’s efforts to improve education.