Lesson Plan Tool Transition

Our Old Friend is Retiring

Great news! UEN is updating how we support hosting and sharing lesson plans. The new method uses Open Author on eMedia to provide better flexibility and features such as comments, core alignments and more.

As we say hello to a fresh new way to manage lesson plans online, be sure to download any lesson plans and attachments you wish to keep ASAP.
If you’d like to add them to the new platform, it’s ready to go right now, with dozens of new lesson plans and a template you can customize with your content. Go to tutorial. Go to eMedia
Let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Saving Existing Lesson Plans

If you have ever created a lesson plan at UEN it still exists and you can save a copy in PDF form.


  1. Login to the Lesson Plan Tool at https://www.uen.org/lessonplan/
  2. Click the "Print Icon"

  3. Now you are viewing a Preview of the lesson, select the "Printable Version" link in the upper right.

  4. A pdf version now opens in the browser. Select the "Download" button to save to your computer.

  5. If you have favorite lesson plans from other teachers you can save pdf copies by going to the published version and following steps 3 and 4.
Using eMedia

If you would like to share your existing lessons in eMedia or even create new ones here are some helpful resources.

Using Open Author in eMedia (use your my.uen login to get started)

Using the Remix Lesson Plan Template (use your my.uen login to get started)

Getting Started with eMedia Hub - This is a great place to start if you’re new to eMedia