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GIS: Georeference a JPEG to a Shapefile


This lesson teaches how to use the alignment tool in ArcView Image Analysis extension. The ZIP file contains instructions, a JPG image, and a shapefile.



Background for Teachers

In order to do this lesson you will need to have ArcView Image Analysis on your machine. This tool will enable you to align your jpeg to an area, such as the Lewis & Clark National Forest (jpeg) to the towns in Montana that are used in this lesson. You could use any source with similar attributes later but this one will give you the practice you need to be successful at using the alignment tool.

These materials were taken from the Lewis & Clark National Forest home page and "Prairie to Mountain Explorer" ("PTME", from UMAC EdPARC) shapefiles for Montana cities. The PTME files are very good for folks in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Folks in these states could buy a PTME CD if they so desired. (Go to You do not need these files to be successful at aligning. You must have an image, ArcView and the Image Analysis extension, and a good set of files that are georeferenced.

Instructional Procedures


Procedures with screen shots are found in "Lesson on How to Georeference a jpeg image for use in ArcView using Image Analysis.pdf" attached.

Data needed is found in the Align Folder within the file attached unter "Material".


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Created: 07/26/2004
Updated: 01/30/2018