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Accounting - Work Sheet For A Service Business

Main Core Tie

Accounting 1
Strand 4 Standard 4

Additional Core Ties

Accounting 1
Strand 1

Accounting 1
Strand 5

Time Frame

2 class periods of 90 minutes each


Nicole Reitz-Larsen


Introduction of a work sheet for a proprietorship set up as a service business. Introduction of what a fiscal period is, what a work sheet is, how to prepare the work sheet with a heading, the beginning of the fiscal period, trial balance amounts, planning and recording adjustments to supplies and prepaid insurance and proving the equality of debit and credit columns of a work sheet. Introduction of how to extend the balances on a work sheet, calculate and record the net income or net loss on a work sheet, as well, as total and rule a work sheet. Give ideas on how to locate and fix errors on a work sheet.




Teacher Outline With Answers. Student Outline. Online Vocabulary Activities. Online Chapter Quiz. Chapter Rubric.

Background for Teachers

Students learn about how to enter transactions that affect the owner's equity of a proprietorship into a worksheet that reviews the businesses activities for the past fiscal year.

Intended Learning Outcomes

An introduction, review games and quiz for entering transactions for a proprietorship into a worksheet that reviews that businesses activities for the past fiscal year.

Instructional Procedures

Print out the Teacher Outline with Answers. Print out the Student Outline. Handout the Student Outline. Introduce the chapter information to the students, having he students following along by filling in the student outline. Have the students complete the online activities and quiz.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Online Activities.

Assessment Plan

Chapter rubric. All students will turn in their chapter outline and play the various online games for students to review vocabulary. online chapter quiz.


Century 21 Accounting South Western Publishing 6th edition, 1995

Created: 10/13/2004
Updated: 06/11/2021