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NHMU: Birds Will Be Birds

Main Core Tie

Science - 4th Grade
Standard 5 Objective 2

Additional Core Ties

Science - 4th Grade
Standard 5 Objective 3

Science - 4th Grade
Standard 5 Objective 4

Group Size



Utah LessonPlans


Students will analyze the physical characteristics of 12 different birds and consider how this enables them to survive in their individual habitats. They will then expand on this knowledge by applying it to other species not covered in the handout.


Instructional Procedures

  • Read the Birds Will Be Birds Handout as a class, in small groups or as individuals.
  • Answer all of the questions on the handout using the pictures of birds included in the handout as a reference.
  • Have students complete the Chart of Characteristics, included in the handout, based on the bird pictures and questions.
  • Finally, students should answer the Summary questions based on their newly acquired knowledge of birds and their physical adaptations.

Created: 11/10/2004
Updated: 02/04/2018