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NHMU: Rocks and Mineral Mapping

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Utah LessonPlans


Students will study the various traits of rocks and minerals found in Utah. They will then create a rock and mineral legend and color a map of Utah based on the legend they created.


Instructional Procedures

  • Pass around each rock or mineral specimen as the teacher reads about where it might be found and any special information about it (use the Rocks and Minerals found in Utah Handout).
  • Have students draw a picture of the rock on Utah Rocks and Minerals Legend (see attachment).
  • Have students choose a color or pattern to represent the rock they have colored. Color the county in the legend this color or pattern.
  • Using the same color or pattern, mark the same county on the Rocks and Minerals Map, of Utah (have students find the county by matching it to the shape on the legend).
  • Use the Rocks and Minerals Localities of Utah, A CollectorÂ’s Guide to Rocks, Minerals and Fossils books, and the provided list to find other rocks and minerals found in Utah. Add on to the legend with this information.


This lesson plan was developed by the Utah Museum of Natural History.

Created: 11/11/2004
Updated: 02/03/2018