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Cooking Terms - Level II

Main Core Tie

Dietetics and Nutrition 1
Strand 1 Standard 2


Utah LessonPlans
Cindy Tegge


Cooking terms



Background for Teachers

If students can describe what to do when they come upon food preparation/cooking terms, they will know what needs to occur for the recipe to succeed.

Many methods and techniques are used to prepare different types of foods. Use any good food text book for a list of cooking terms.

Instructional Procedures



  1. Have students complete COOKING TERMS with partners at their tables with the help of a foods classroom text. Correct in class.
  2. The students could locate at least 10 of the cooking terms listed from the previous assignment as they browse through recipe books, newspapers, or magazines. A scribe at each table writes down the recipe name, term used, ingredients and type of finished product the recipe makes.
  3. Students play the card game WHO'S NOT A COOK? The rules are the same as those for "Old Maid" only the card to avoid is the "Who's Not a Cook?" card. If players have matches (a term and its definition) the matched cards are discarded. The first person to be out of cards is the winner. The person who ends up with the "Who's Not a Cook?" is the loser. Each table may use any good foods text to check their matches - terms and definitions.
  4. Demonstrate CHICKEN VEGETABLE STIR FRY: COOKING TERMS DEMONSTRATION and have students define terms on the handout COOKING TERMS OUTLINE as the listen/watch.


  • "Cooking Terms" created from "Illustrated Dictionary of Food Preparation Techniques" Food for Today, 1990 pp.232-233.
  • Activity #2 - locating cooking terms and "Who's Not a Cook" card game ideas are from Discovering Foods Teacher's Guide by Connie Sasse, p.68-69
  • Terms and definitions for "Who's Not a Cook?" taken from "Illustrated Dictionary of Food Preparation Techniques" Food for Today, 1990 pp.232-233.
  • Chicken Vegetable Stir Fry: Cooking Terms by LeeAnn Greenwood, Alta High School.

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Created: 06/20/1997
Updated: 02/05/2018