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Home Cooking Assignment

Main Core Tie

FCS Exploration
Strand 7 Standard 1

Group Size





Regardless of the career path you select, learning to read a recipe is a life-long skill. Practice reading recipes and making products at home.


Worksheet for students.

Background for Teachers

This is a homework assignment that is designed to encourage students to cook at home, applying the information they have learned in class.

Student Prior Knowledge

How to read a recipe, measure, and cook.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will practice their cooking skills at home.

Instructional Procedures


Assign a due date. Review the requirements of the Home Cooking assignment: use a written recipe; complete a minimum of three steps; clean up when you are finished; include the date, what you made, how successful the product was, and the signature of someone else who tasted the product or can verify that you did the assignment. Points are given for each item completed. (No repeats unless the first attempt to make a product was unsuccessful.) Students may earn extra credit for additional items.

Created: 07/10/2002
Updated: 02/05/2018