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Fiber - Adding it to the Diet - Skill Supplement

Main Core Tie

Food And Nutrition 1
Strand 3 Standard 2


Utah LessonPlans


Food preparation that supports the concepts of adding fiber and water to the diet.

Background for Teachers

This supplement is included to provide the teacher with additional options and lab activities that will support the concepts taught in this section. The teacher may choose those that provide the students with needed skills in food preparation. It will be necessary for the teacher to prepare demonstrations and activities that will reinforce the learning of the nutrition units.

Instructional Procedures


  • Analysis of Fiber Additives to a Cobbler
    A "post-taste" recipe survey tool. Students compare notes on the "fiber-enriched" cobbler and discuss their results.
  • Cobbler Recipe
    A cobbler recipe that allows for "bran substitution" and the incorporation of fiber into our diet.
  • Curriculum Overview & Teaching Strategies
    An open letter to nutrition and foods Teachers that gives a brief overview of the foods & fitness curriculum, along with some teaching strategies to help implement it.
  • Date & Banana Muffins Recipe
    A simple bread recipe that allows for "bran substitution" and the incorporation of fiber into our diet.
  • Dietary Fiber in Recipes
    This worksheet form allows a quick assessment of ingredients that have been added or substituted in an effort to incorporate more fiber into a simple bread recipe.

A healthy mind and body require food that has been well prepared. Proper food preparation skills need to be learned. See Preface Materials: Demonstrate a quick bread recipe emphasizing the incorporation of dietary fiber into food by adding or substituting oat bran, wheat germ, or fibrous fruits and vegetables. use DATA AND BANANA BUTTERMILK MUFFINS or a recipe of choice such as an oatmeal cookie recipe substituting whole wheat flour for white and adding nuts and/or raisins.

Have students explain the purpose of each ingredient and identify the Pyramid group involved. Worksheet INCORPORATION OF DIETARY FIBER INTO RECIPES. Have students prepare a COBBLER which adds extra fiber. Each unit prepares the same recipe but adds a different fiber additive - oat bran, all bran, wheat germ, whole wheat flour.

NOTE TO TEACHER: The cobbler recipe may need to be cut in half Have students use their math skills to reduce the recipe.

Using ANALYSIS OF DIETARY FIBER ADDITIVES TO A COBBLER students will taste compare finished products and discuss their results.

Created: 07/09/1997
Updated: 02/05/2018