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TECH:Class-to-class Interaction (Communication)

Main Core Tie

Health Education - 6th Grade
Standard 3

Time Frame

5 class periods of 30 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups


Utah LessonPlans
Melvin Robinson


The goal of this lesson is to have different classrooms of students interacting with each other using interpersonal skills and digital equipment.
This activity is very flexible and must meet the needs of individual teachers and schools.

Instructional Procedures


  • waterday.pdf
    North Sanpete, Moroni Elementary, Lynda Freeman Shortened version of picture book written by 1st graders, photos and complilation by 6th graders.

Teachers in different grade levels will work together to determine an activity in one classroom that can be documented through digital photography. The activity/lesson will be video taped and converted into an iMovie or similar program. Students will learn to work together with students in a different grade will completing this lesson.

Example--First Grade students study water and its properties. As a culminating activity the students will spend the afternoon outside exploring the properties of water and have fun. Upper grade students will video tape the activity as well as take still shots of specific activities. At the completion of the activity the First Grade students will write a short story about their activities.

The upper grade students will complete a video presentation of the day's activities. The still shots will be used to coordinate with the story written by the First Graders and put into a take-home book for them.

Assessment Plan

Assessment will be the successful completion of the determined activity.

Created: 05/25/2005
Updated: 02/04/2018