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FACS: If I Were a Designer (Mktg)

Main Core Tie

FCS 6th Grade
Strand 5 Standard 2

Time Frame

7 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills

Thinking & Reasoning


Elizabeth Evans


This is a fun and creative activity where students create their own design clothing company. It incorporates the 4 Ps of marketing. The students are able to use imagination, art, and creative skills to develop each component of the packet. This also allows the student to be self-directed, enabling the teacher to spend more time with students who are sewing.


Packets for each student; a sample of what is expected from this project.

Background for Teachers


In this activity, students are usually brainstorming many ideas for their packets. They may share ideas, but should complete their own packets.

Student Prior Knowledge

Knowledge of advertising and how brand names play into the marketing of products.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will show creativity in developing their own brands of clothing.

Instructional Procedures


  1. The students will need to use the Research Survey to do a market research to determine the type of clothing they want to create and/or the characteristics of the item to use in promoting their already chosen item.
  2. Have them do this as a written survey or interview using similar questions.
  3. Another option would be to have the students research stores, advertisements, the Internet, etc. to determine popular items and the characteristics that sell that specific item and the going price.
  1. Have the students record the results of their survey on the Product Worksheet. From this worksheet they can determine what product they want to design.
  2. If the item is already decided, then the marketable characteristics (selling points) they will use to design and promote their item can be determined.
  3. They can also determine a reasonable price to assign to their item.
  1. Students should then draw sketches of their clothing item (first in pencil, then colored); draw a fashion name, fashion logo, clothing label. (See assignment pages in student packet). (If you copy the fashion template figure [in idea packet] to the wrong side of the page, students can simply draw the clothing on the front side, using the template)
  2. Examples of various clothing are included in the attachments--different attachments for different kinds of clothing, i.e. pants, shoes, shirts, etc.
  3. Set a guideline restricting the showing of midriffs, cleavage, etc. or you may get designs that are not appropriate for the classroom. Let them choose their style regardless of how crazy then give it a name and price.
  4. An alternative is to have students design items using clip art/computer programs or magazine pictures to come up with an original idea.
  1. Students will need to determine a sale price after analyzing the cost of production (materials, labor, time, advertising, etc).
  2. You could create a worksheet for them to determine the cost of production and determine sale cost (usually twice the cost of production)
  1. Students need to determine how they will advertise (promote) their clothing item.
  2. Using the pages in the student packet, have students create a fashion name, logo, and how the tag inside the clothing will look (including care instructions).
  3. Creating a jingle (use the page in packet), an advertisement, a video, and/or sales pitch, etc. that would be appropriate.
  1. The students need to determine he best way to display their items in a store--where in the store, how the display should look, etc. (use information from survey, observations in stores, class discussion, etc.)
  2. Students can role play the 7 Sales Step Process (see Marketing Definitions in teacher background)


Submitted by Elizabeth Evans

Created: 05/25/2005
Updated: 02/05/2018