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FACS: Sewing Factory (Textiles)

Main Core Tie

FCS 6th Grade
Strand 5 Standard 1

Time Frame

4 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication
  • Employability


Utah LessonPlans


Students will gain practical experience in how sewing factories are run. They will experience job possibilities by running a sewing factory simulation.


  • Sewing machines
  • Sergers
  • Tables
  • Sewing equipment (thread, seam rippers, etc.)
  • Pre-cut pieces of the project you wish to make
  • Tthe Job Assignment Sheet
  • The Job Application
  • Tthe Job or Piece-Rate Sheet/Time Sheet
  • Labels numbered 1-30

    Background for Teachers

    The sewing factory must be set up in the sewing lab. It would be useful to label the various stations to which students will be assigned. Each project must be identified with one of the numbered labels. It is suggested that there be an OUTLET STORE where students may purchase the items they have made. The remaining items may be sold at various school functions. Projects may include hot pads, tote bags, puppets, or any item you wish to have your students produce.

    Student Prior Knowledge

    Students will be placed in jobs at the Sewing Factory according to their sewing experience.

    Intended Learning Outcomes

    Students will learn what jobs are available in a sewing factory. They will complete job applications and then be assigned jobs based on their application information and previous sewing ability. They will work at that job for two days, complete a time sheet, and compute their wages. The class will then evaluate the profitability of the business.

    Instructional Procedures

    Each piece of the project will be labeled with a number. The label must stay with the project during the entire process. The sewing factory will run as explained on the attachments.


    This lesson plan is the brainchild of June Presser. Previous publications may be referred to in this lesson.

  • Created: 08/24/2005
    Updated: 02/05/2018