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UTIPS Demonstration

Main Core Tie

Educational Technology - (Grades 6-8)
Standard 9

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills



Tricia Jackson


This lesson will demonstrate to teachers how UTIPS works and allow them to create a login for classroom use.


1 computer or laptop
1 printer

Student Prior Knowledge

A teacher would need to master the skill of following directions and have an understading of the CORE standards for their discipline.

Intended Learning Outcomes

The teachers should know how to register to the UTIPS site. They should also know the different types of test and how to create and administer tests. They should know how to view and understand the results.

Instructional Procedures

1. Student will take a test created by the teacher as an introduction to UTIPS.

2. Teacher will walk the students throught the registration process.

3. Teacher will demonstrate and define the areas of the UTIPS site.

4. Teacher will demonstrate how to create a test.

5. Teacher will demonstrate how to edit a test.

6. Teacher will demonstrate how to administer a test.

7. Teacher will demonstrate how to view test results.

8. Teacher will administer a test to students to test for comprehension.


Created: 03/13/2006
Updated: 01/19/2018