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Modern Day Pilgrims

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - 5th Grade
Standard 1 Objective 2

Time Frame

3 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups


Utah LessonPlans


Students will learn how modern day immigrants may be pilgrims in their own respect. They will learn what immigrants and pilgrims are, and be assigned to demonstrate learning about an immigrant in their ancestry.


'Molly's Pilgrim', by Barbara Cohen; 'Where Did Your Family Come From?', by Melvin & Gilda Berger; paper doll pattern; letter to parents

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will learn what immigrants and pilgrims are, and demonstrate learning about an immigrant in their ancestry.

Instructional Procedures

Read the book 'Molly's Pilgrim' to the whole class.

Discuss as a class why Molly's mother was a pilgrim. (she came wanting religious freedom, a better life, etc) Read 'Where Did Your Family Come From'? by Melvin & Gilda Berger.

Discuss as a class why immigrants usually come to the U.S. Write their suggestions on the board ( to be free, to be safe, to earn more money, to be near relatives, etc.)

Discuss what immigrants have to do before they come here. (get a VISA) Ask how a visa can be obtained.(from U.S. government, must be healthy, must be law-abiding citizen, must have a good reason for coming, etc.)

Discuss what immigrants should do once they get to the U.S.(find a place to live, get a job or go to school, learn the language, make new friends, get used to American ways, etc.)

Ask students where their ancestors originated. Discuss variety of origins. Have students take home and fill out the form included in the letter with their parents about an ancestor's personal history. Give them the assignment of taking home a paper doll that they have traced from the pattern and bringing it back in the native costume of where their ancestor is from (or you can use this as an art activity in class).

If possible, show an example of a doll and sum up what pilgrims or immigrants are (use dictionary definitions).


As a further assignment, students can write and illustrate a little book about the life of this ancestor.

Assessment Plan

Students will present their dolls to the class and read aloud the information that they wrote on their ancestors. This will demonstrate learning and understanding of the concept.

Created: 11/29/1998
Updated: 02/05/2018