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Time Frame

1 class periods of 30 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

Thinking & Reasoning




This is a great game that stresses teamwork and cooperation and requires players to anticipate ball movement. This game could be played in grades 7-12.


2 rebound frames (mini tramps placed on edge could work for this), cones or boundary lines, tchoukball (6 inch gator balls), jerseys, floor tape or polyspots to mark forbidden zone. Tchoukball rebound frames can be ordered from

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will demonstrate competency in using combinations of movement skills as well as in applying basic throwing and catching skills, game strategies and rules.

Instructional Procedures


  • Form 2 teams of up to 10 players depending on the age group and available space. Extra players can be spaced on the sidelines and used as outlets to pass the ball to. Distribute pinnies to one of the teams.
  • The rebound surfaces are placed at each end of the court, and each one is within a semi-circle line with a 3 meter radius which is the "forbidden zone."
  • The game starts by having a player throw the ball in from the endline, beside one of the frames. This pass does not count as one of their team's 3 throws.
  • The team that has possession of the ball has a 3 pass limit before being forced to shoot the ball at the rebound surface on either end of the court. Meanwhile, members of the other team look to position themselves to catch the ball after it rebounds from the frame, before it touches the floor.
  • It is illegal to shoot the ball more than 3 consecutive times at the same rebound surface.
  • During the course of the game, players of each team are not allowed to interfere with players of the other team.
    • They cannot intercept passes.
    • They cannot interfere with movements of the person with the ball or his/her teammates.
    • They cannot stop a defender from positioning himself to catch the ball after a rebound off the frame.
A player scores a point for his team if he bounces the ball off the rebound surface so that it is not caught by an opponent before it touches the ground.

A player scores a point for the other team if:

  • He misses the rebound surface when he shoots the ball.
  • He makes the ball bounce out of bounds.
  • He shoots the ball and it bounces back and touches him.
  • He sends the ball into the forbidden zone, before or after it hits the rebound surface.
Penalties: Ball is given to the other team and the game continues from the spot where the penalty was committed. A pass must be made before shooting at the rebound surface.
  • Taking more than 3 steps while in possession of the ball before shooting (only one step if ball is caught while standing still).
  • Dropping the ball after a pass.
  • Interfering with the catch or throw of the opponents.
  • Catching the ball off the rebound surface that was shot by his own team.
  • Blocking an opponent from moving or freely passing the ball or catching the ball.
  • Steps out of bounds while in possession of the ball.
  • Stepping in the forbidden zone while in possession of the ball.
  • If a team takes more than 3 passes before shooting at a frame.
  • Contacts the ball with any part of the body below the knees.
  • If the ball on a shot at the frame should "hit" an edge and the path of the ball is changed.
  • Shooting more than 3 times in a row at the same frame.
  • Ball not crossing the midline before shooting at the same frame.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

  • Don't worry about only allowing 3 passes before requiring a shot on the frame.
  • Allow the ball to bounce before catching it and/or use a bigger ball.
  • Make the forbidden zone smaller.


AAHPERD convention 2006; Tchoukball presentation

Created: 05/04/2007
Updated: 02/04/2018