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TECH:Marketing Olympics (Mktg)

Time Frame

5 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication


Melvin Robinson


After participating in this activity, students will be able to identify career possibilities in marketing, how technology relates to this, and recognize whether they have an interest in marketing as a potential career choice. They will also explore what marketing is, identify the 4 P's, explore how goods, services and ideas are marketed in the "real world" and how this process impacts every-day life.


1- “Four Ps” Poster from U.S.O.E.
2- Marketing Olympics Handout, one for each student.
3- Possible Ideas for Marketing Olympics Handout (cut up).
4- Hat.
5- Medals Handout (copied and cut out).
6- Yarn to tie on medals.
7- Paper.
8- Poster Boards.
9- Markers.
10- Video Equipment (if possible).

Background for Teachers


Intended Learning Outcomes

1- Explain the marketing principles of product, pricing, promotion, and placement while creating a product.
2- Identify careers related to marketing and how technology is incorporated in the process.

Instructional Procedures

Day 1: Give students the handout titled “Marketing Olympics” to fill out during the discussion. The teacher will lead a discussion and introduce what marketing is and the Four Ps of Marketing. Use the overhead presentation, “What is Marketing?,” An Overhead Presentation for TLC”, and the sheet titled, “Background Information for Teachers,” as resources. Students will take notes and fill out the definitions on the handout, “Marketing Olympics” to use as a resource during the Olympics. Students will market a technology related product or tool using the Four Ps of marketing. Students are placed in teams (2 students) and will work with the same partner for the entire marketing unit. Each team will draw an idea out of a hat, or if your students have a project (product) they are already working on, you can use that. “Possible Ideas for Marketing Olympics” has been provided, or you may choose to make your own. The papers will have technology related products or tools written on them. Each team needs to come up with the Four Ps of Marketing for the product or tool on their paper. Each partner should be responsible for two of the Ps to receive credit.

Day 2: Have students spend working on their presentations. Remind students on the day before to bring any possible props or extra supplies if they are not available in the classroom. Determine how many points you will assign for each part of the evaluation, then copy the “Pitching a Product” Planning/Evaluation Sheet for each team. Copy the “Pitching a Product” and “Pitching a Product” Expectations on to one sheet of paper using both sides. Hand this out so students know what is expected of them and what they will be evaluated on. This will be given back to the teacher to do the evaluating during the presentation.

Day 3: Students will do their presentations. If unable to finish on day four, part of day five can be used to finish up.

Days 4 & 5: Finish presentations. Wrap up the marketing unit by reviewing what the students have learned, the principles that have been taught, and how this relates to marketing careers.


Discuss what the students have learned and how it relates to careers in marketing and to everyday life.

Created: 07/18/2002
Updated: 01/21/2018