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Avenues of Adolescent Attractions


Jamie May

Background for Teachers

See attached Teacher Background information.

May also want to discuss TEXTING when you talk about phone calls.

Instructional Procedures

Teaching Strategies (pdf) for this Lesson.

Pairing (pdf)

Brainstorming Ways of Showing Interest:
Divide into small groups and brainstorm ways of showing interest in someone. Bring class back together and have each group share what they came up with. Write lists on board or large sheet of butcher paper. Examples might be: writing notes, pushing, tripping, making fun of, phone calls, asking friends to ask his/her feelings, writing their name on folder or hands, walking past their house, going out of their way to bump into them, etc.

Stories/Discussion Questions (pdf)

Surefire Ways to Meet a Mate (pdf)

Created: 06/08/2010
Updated: 02/05/2018