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Being a Responsible Citizen

Main Core Tie

Social Studies - 2nd Grade
Standard 2 Objective 1

Time Frame

2 class periods of 30 minutes each

Life Skills

Social & Civic Responsibility


Jade Crown
Elizabeth Evans
Stephanie Seely
Lise Welch Bond


Students will identify and list characteristics of responsible citizens using Clara Barton as an example. In small groups, students will share ways they can demonstrate responsible citizenship in their neighborhood, school, state, nation, and world.


  • Class set of blank papers

    Instructional Procedures

    Day 1
    Attention Getter:
    Describe the qualities of a friend you would like to have:

    • Brainstorm the qualities of a friend
    • Discuss why they are desirable qualities
    What does it mean to be a responsible citizen?
    1. Define citizen using the Responsible Citizen poster (pdf) (A person who belongs to a community) and define responsible.
    2. Explain that responsible citizens help to make their community a good place to live for everyone.
    3. Read and complete the Clara Barton Storyboard Activity (see attachment).
    Day 2
    Attention Getter:
    Emphasizing importance of individual roles and responsibilities of a good citizen.
    • Brainstorm and list on a chart paper the classroom duties of a second grader.
    • Show the class a handful of paper cutouts, explaining that they represent these roles.
    • Throw the papers out onto the floor.
    • Discuss how long it would take if just one person had to pick up all the pieces versus the group working together.
    • Relate this to the classroom jobs discussion and good citizenship.
      • Not doing our job makes it hard on others.
      • We need to work together
      • Working together saves time
    How do I demonstrate I'm a good citizen?
    1. Discuss and define the various communities to which the children belong. (neighborhood, school, state, nation and world).
    2. Divide students into small groups. Each group will take one of the communities listed above. Assign one student in each group to be the scribe. They will generate ideas of how they can be good citizens in their assigned communities.
    3. Groups will present their ideas to the class while the teacher compiles the list for display.
    4. Guide students to notice the commonalities between the group lists.



    Do Unto Otters: A Book About Manners, by Laura Keller

    Assessment Plan

    Students will share a favorite scene from their storyboard activity and connect it to a character trait of responsible citizens.

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