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BUS: IT - Utah Stories Project

Time Frame

3 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size


Life Skills

  • Communication
  • Social & Civic Responsibility


Ryan Andersen
Jeff Hinton
Carl Lyman


The Utah Stories Project at iTunes U is designed to collect stories about Utah places, events, history, people, and happenings from students, teachers, and residents. These stories can be "published" in the form of audio, enhanced audio, video, or PDF to Utah's K12 iTUnes U page. Many of these stories will be able to be tied to a geo-location by giving the latitude and longitude in GPS coordinates of the event or place.



Presentations, Recording or Moviemaking software
(PhotoStory 3, Keynote, Movie Maker, Audacity, etc., iMovie)
GPS (optional)
Digital Camera
(attached files)

Background for Teachers

See Lesson Plan and Project Guidlines

Student Prior Knowledge

Basic Computer Skills

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will:

Demonstrate the use of a digital camera and/or other digital recording device.

Explore online databases such as Google Maps, Pioneer Library, Utah Digital Newspapers, etc.

Understand the elements, planning and development of a multimedia presentation (sound, text, graphics, video, animations and interactivity).

Use word processing software to perform simple desktop publishing activities.

Read and interpret maps.

Understand the contributions of Native Americans, explorers and Utah's pioneers Research the ways people maintain and preserve cultural identity.

Instructional Procedures

See Lesson Plan and Project Guidelines

Created: 06/21/2010
Updated: 01/19/2018