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Business Web Page Design

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Business Web Page Design
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These assignments will guide students to using HTML to develop Web pages with basic attributes.


  • HTML Handouts
  • The Star doc
  • Web Page Star
  • Web Page Lists

Instructional Procedures

Review all handouts and make adjustments to fit your lab before assigning to students.

  • Adding Links using HTML - Students will create hyperlinks using the "AHREF" tag. Students will create a page concerning colleges and universities they might like to attend. Students will then link their page to each college/university. Use HTML_Links for instructions. (Prior Knowledge: Basic introduction to beginning HTML tags: HTML, HEAD, TITLE, BODY, etc...)
  • Color Attributes using HTML - Students will add background color, text color as well as link and visited link color to their web page. This is a continuation of the HTML Links assignment. Student instructions are on the HTML Color Handout There is one reference to a site that is outdated on the handout. Replace the site with (Prior Knowledge: Understanding basic HTML tags)
  • Horizontal Rules using HTML - Students will insert horizontal rules in a web page. The student will also change the physical attributes of the horizontal rules. This lesson is a continuation of the HTML Color Attributes lesson. Use the HTML_rules for instructions. (Prior Knowledge: Understand Basic HTML tags)
  • Graphic Images using HTML - Students will find graphics on the Internet, download them to their directory and insert them into their HTML file. The student will then adjust the size of the images. This is a continuation of the HTML Horizontal Rule lesson. Use HTML_images for instructions. (Prior Knowledge: Understand Basic HTML tags)
  • Making Your List using HTML - Students will copy text from the Internet, create definition listings and create an ordered and unordered list. Use Webpage_lists for instructions. (Prior Knowledge: Basic understanding of HTML tags)
  • Composing a Web Page using HTML - Students will download text from a file. The students will then add background and text color to the web pages as well as change font types and sizes and align text. Use Web Page Star for instructions. The Star doc is also necessary for this activity. (Prior Knowledge: Basic understanding of HTML tags. Knowledge of attribute tags such as body, font color, and face are also helpful)
  • Tables using HTML - Students will create a simple table and align the table horizontally. Use the HTML_tables for instructions. (Prior Knowledge: Must have basic understanding of HTML tags)
  • Table Formatting using HTML - Students will format an existing table by using cell padding and cell spacing. Students will add color to the tale as well as align text within the table. This is a continuation of the HTML Tables lesson. Use HTML_table2 for instructions. (Prior Knowledge: Basic understanding of HTML tags)
  • Creating Your Personal Web Site using HTML - Students will create a three page web site using HTML. The first page is information about themselves,; the second page is about their family; and the third page is about their favorite sport or music. Take a picture of each student with a digital camera so the students will have an image that can be used for their page. Use HTML_personal for instructions. (Prior Knowledge: Understand basic HTML codes as well as the following tags: A HREF, IMG SRC, and HR. Also need to know how to apply attributes to BODY codes, etc.)

Created: 12/02/2010
Updated: 01/20/2018