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Bus Com II - Job Process Portfolio

Main Core Tie

Business Communication 2
Strand 5

Time Frame

10 class periods of 70 minutes each


Business Ed Lesson Plan Team


Most of one term is spent on an employment unit. This portfolio assignment is given to students the first day. The completed portfolio is presented for grading the last day of the term.


Manila folder for each student

Instructional Procedures

  1. At the beginning of the employment unit (which lasts about nine weeks), give each student a manilla folder and have each student write his or her name on it. These folders are kept in a hanging folder on the counter in the classroom for easy access.
  2. Give each student a copy of the Job Process Portfolio and explain that this will be turned in at the end of the unit for additional points.
  3. During the term students keep all work and handouts in this folder.
  4. The last day of the term, students present the folder to the teacher with all requried items in order.
  5. Teacher keeps the Job Process Portfolio assignment sheet so scores can be recorded; students keep the job portfolio.

Every time students complete an assignment or activity in class, remind them to put it in their job folder. I give points for each assignment as it is completed, but students get points again when they turn in the portfolio at the end of the unit. Notice the last item on the job process portfolio is worth 50 additional points--but only if all required items are there.

Created: 01/17/2011
Updated: 02/05/2018