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WP Basics - Proofreading

Main Core Tie

Word Processing - Basics
Strand 3


Business Ed Lesson Plan Team


This lesson is designed to teach common proofreading marks and skills.


Instructional Procedures

This lesson should be introduced using the lecture/discussion method. While presenting the slides students should be asked if they can think of examples of poor professional documents (papers, reports, newspaper articles, etc.) they have noticed. Following the presentation, the teacher should read or show a document with errors to see if the students can pick out the errors and determine how to fix them.

Following the presentation/discussion the students will practice proofreading on a documents provided by the teacher. Additionally, students will complete proofreading assignments in their keyboarding book and proofread and apply proofreading marks to documents produced during keyboarding assignments (book and software assignments).

After practicing with proofreading marks, students should be tested on applying proofreading marks, keying documents with proofreading marks applied, and identifying proofreading marks.

Following a lecture complimented by a slide presentation, a demonstration on how to apply proofreading marks, and the completion of at least two proofreading documents (one with errors and one with proofreading marks applied) each student will:

  1. Apply proofreading marks to a test document with 90% accuracy
  2. Key a document from a test document with proofreading marks applied with 100% accuracy
  3. Identify common proofreading marks with 90% accuracy

Created: 01/17/2011
Updated: 02/05/2018