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Comp Tech - History of Computers

Main Core Tie

Computer Technology I
Strand 2

Time Frame

6 class periods of 15 minutes each


Business Ed Lesson Plan Team


Review the history of computer technology, progression to systems of today, types of computers used in a variety of settings, and trends for the future.


Instructional Procedures

I present this "lecture" in sections over the course of five or six days. Students should retain the handout and add to it each time the lecture continues. 1) I discuss the terms. 2) I ask students to write their own explanation for some of the terms for that section in the appropriate space on the back side of the handout 3) I draw a student's name. If that student can successfully re-explain one of the terms from that section, a candy bar awaits!

Created: 01/17/2011
Updated: 01/18/2018