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Comp Tech - Spreadsheet Activities

Main Core Tie

Computer Technology I
Strand 4

Time Frame

3 class periods of 90 minutes each


Business Ed Lesson Plan Team


Students will learn to create budgets using excel.


Newspaper ads that would be around thanksgiving time.

Instructional Procedures

The teacher needs to bring newspaper ads that would be around Thanksgiving time. Students will be learning about how to create a budget. Give them the worksheet and have the students come up with how many items they will need for their Thanksgiving party and how much they think the items are worth. When they have completed 1-3 then give them the newspaper ads. This is a fun activity and the students seem to like it. Beverages worksheet is fun way to teach students about inventory. Underwater Diving Company teach's students how to sort and copy and paste information onto other worksheets.

Created: 01/17/2011
Updated: 01/19/2018