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We Shall Remain: Fourth Grade Assessment

Time Frame

1 class periods of 30 minutes each


Utah LessonPlans


The student will be able to create a visual representation of the knowledge gained studying the American Indians of Utah.



Teacher Materials

Student Materials

Background for Teachers

This assessment tool was designed to allow students to show their learning, independent of which resources or lessons were used to teach the unit. Each student will gain different knowledge, and this tool will provide the teacher with a product that can be assessed with the provided rubric or in a subjective manner. The student will need to have learned something about each of the tribes to complete the product.

Instructional Procedures

Present each student with a copy of the outline map of original Utah tribal territories.

As a class, fill in the names of the tribes that once inhabited the spaces.

Have each student pick a color for each tribe and fill in that tribe's space on the map. Have each the student draw an image for each tribe on that tribe's space on the map.

On the back of the paper, have the student explain her or his color and image choices based on something she or he learned.


Students may present their maps to the class, explaining their choices and learning orally.

Students may cut their small maps along tribal lines and put all the colors and images together on a large classroom map of Utah.

Assessment Plan

Map and explanation sheet


The University of Utah's American West Center (AWC) produced the curriculum materials in consultation with the Utah Division of Indian Affairs, Utah State Office of Education, KUED 7, and the Goshute, Northwestern Band of the Shoshone, Southern Paiute, and Ute nations.


Created: 02/11/2011
Updated: 02/05/2018