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TECH: Geneticist (HS)

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups


Mitzi Jeppesen
Krista Sontum


Students will learn about the career of a Geneticist, including schooling, job description, salary, and job outlook. Students will then have the opportunity to explore their own traits, as well as the traits of the class.


Power Point Traits inventory Work Sheet (Pages 1-4=Teacher information; Pages 5- 7=1/student; Pages 8-10=Spanish version of worksheet for students) Piece of butcher paper and markers for an “entire class” trait inventory graph.

Background for Teachers

Please read through all attached items and familiarize yourself with the content. The activity has students exploring traits, which are somewhat different than genes. They are the phenotype (or the physical manifestations of the gene). The Traits Inventory Worksheet was created by the University of Utah Teach Genetics Program and is allowed to be used in the classroom as long as the information is not changed or modified. More is being learned everyday about genetics. Where it was once thought that there was one gene for eye color, geneticists are learning that the combination of multiple genes being turned off or on create our phenotype (what we see from the genes), such as eye, hair, and skin color. More genetic activities can be found at:

Instructional Procedures

1. Begin class with the provided power point on geneticist. 2. Hand out the “Trait Inventory” Work Sheet. Have students work alone to fill in page 5 of the inventory. 3. Put the class into groups of 4 or more. Have the groups complete pages 6-7 of the traits inventory. 4. As an entire class, create a “Class Trait Inventory” using butcher paper. 5. OPTIONAL: A fun homework activity would be to have students take a traits inventory on their families. The next day you can discuss how families may have more similar traits than a group of random people.

Created: 05/18/2011
Updated: 01/21/2018