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Teen Living-Emotions

Main Core Tie

Teen Living
Strand 1 Standard 2




This lesson plan is designed to help students learn to recognize the six basic emotions.



Instructional Procedures


  1. Six Basic Emotions Notes: We begin class by taking notes on the six basic emotions: Love, Hate, Anger, Fear, Happy and Sad.
  2. Six Basic Emotions Video Quiz: To illustrate the six basic emotions, I show a short video clip on each to see if the students can recognize them in action. I show each clip once WITHOUT the sound and encourage the students to watch especially close for body language that may or may not convey the emotion being expressed in each clip. Then, we watch the clips again WITH the sound. After the video clip quiz, we correct it and discuss how emotions and nonverbal communication can send one type of message while our verbal language can send another. The video clips I show are as follows:
    1. Love: From Ever After (1:48:12-1:49:13) The prince proposes to Danielle.
    2. Hate: From Raising Helen (1:46:48-1:48:00) The girl's aunt confronts her niece about a fake ID.
    3. Anger: From Kindergarten Cop (29:10-30:30) The undercover cop has just returned to the kindergarten classroom to find mayhem!
    4. Fear: From House on Haunted Hill (1959 Version With Vincent Price) (24:55-25:53) The woman has just seen a very scary witch appear out of nowhere.
    5. Happy: From Heavyweights (1:31:18-1:32:2) The team has just won the go-cart race.
    6. Sad: From Titanic (2:53:43-2:56:00) Rose has just realized that Jack has died.
    7. BONUS (Anger or Hate): From Nacho Libre (57:37-58:36) Nacho and his partner get into a fight.
  3. Emotions Game: To play this game, the students get into groups and split the game cards into two groups. One group of cards has phrases printed on them and the other group of cards has emotions printed on them. Students take turns picking one card from each card pile. The object of the game is for the person who drew the cards to say the phrase in the emotion that they drew. The rest of the group tires to guess the emotion. I encourage them to really get "into" the game. Otherwise, this activity is not very fun.

Created: 02/15/2012
Updated: 02/05/2018