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Peers and Friends

Time Frame

1 class periods of 70 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills

  • Communication
  • Social & Civic Responsibility


Vikki Masters


Friendship is a very important relationship to have. Having friends in our lives fills many needs we have. And remember, to have a friend you must be a friend.


  • Bell Ringer Cards for each student
  • Peers and Friends Study Guide Handout
  • Peers and Friends PowerPoint Presentation

Intended Learning Outcomes

Identify personal needs for friendship and a positive social network.

Instructional Procedures

Teacher and student step-by-step instructions are found below in the "Peers and Friends Lesson Plan" attachment.

Assessment Plan

The assessment of the students will come from the presentations made during class. Make sure they are portraying the characteristics of friends.


  • Teen Living Curriculum Guide from the Utah State Office of Education
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Created: 06/01/2012
Updated: 02/24/2021