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TECH:Medical Technology - Diagnostic (HST)

Time Frame

1 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups


Denise Abbott
Brent Blackburn
Melvin Robinson


This activity explores diagnostic methods used today in the medical field, X-rays,Ultrasound,MRI,CT-PET Scans, and endoscopy.




Video on medical technologies, small video camera with monitor, Mannequin, dummy, or even a large shoe box, hemostats or tweezers string to tie knot in or bullets to remove The State Office of Education has the assembled a kit for each school. Please contact Melvin Robinson or Scott Snelson to request a kit. One kit per school. The Kit includes: a video on medical technologies, a small video camera, and two hemostats. If you would like additional cameras or hemostats please refer to the document "Camera and Hemostat Information" below.

Background for Teachers


Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will learn medical terminology used in diagnosis. Students will explore the dexterity needed by a doctor to perform surgery.

Instructional Procedures

Show 15 minute video on medical technology, Students will then complete activity with video camera and dummy to tie a knot in a string to simulate a blood vessel or remove a bullet . Students finish the activity by answering questions and vocabulary words.

Strategies for Diverse Learners

Students can explore other health care careers on the internet.



  • medcab.pdf
    This is a student handout in pdf format provides students with terminology and careers related to technology.

Assessment Plan


  • medquiz.doc
    This is a student Quiz in MSWord.doc format that refers to the student handout "Medicab".
  • medquiz.pdf
    This is a student Quiz in Adobe.pdf format that refers to the student handout "Medicab".


Medicine's New Vision Howard Sochurek ISBN: 0-912734-25-6 Condensed article in National Geographic Jan 1987

Created: 01/07/2003
Updated: 01/21/2018