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Poetry Films

Group Size

Small Groups


Daniel Eggers


The class will create a poetry movie.


You will need iPads with the app "Verses Poetry", and the app or website "Animoto".

Background for Teachers

You will need to know how to take a screen shot with the iPad and to take/look up pictures.

Student Prior Knowledge

This activity requires the students to know letters and sounds and have some decoding skills.

Instructional Procedures

Students will work in a small group to create a phrase or poem using the app Verses Poetry.This app gives them words or allows them to choose words that they will put together into phrases or poems, just like refrigerator magnet words. They will take a screen shot of the poem that they make. They will find pictures to represent the poem.Then, using Animoto, the class will put together a video off all the poems and pictures. This will be viewed by the whole class.

Created: 07/15/2013
Updated: 01/29/2018