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Real Frog Dissection

Main Core Tie

SEEd - Grade 7
Strand 7.3: STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION OF LIFE Standard 7.3.3

Time Frame

1 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups


Utah LessonPlans


Students will observe the dissection of a frog and answer questions during the observation.


  • frog
  • dissection pan and tools
  • gloves
  • goggles
  • student sheet (see below)
  • ruler flex-cam (optional)

Instructional Procedures

  1. Open lesson with this statement: "In this activity you will watch as your teacher dissects a frog. You may think this is disgusting and icky, but it can also be a great learning experience for you. As you watch the dissections, answer the questions below. The questions may not be answered in order, so go back and forth as needed."
  2. Make sure that all students can see and have the opportunity to ask questions.
  3. The flex-cam can be use to project the view on to a TV or screen and may be easier for squeamish students to watch.

Assessment Plan

Scoring guide:
2 points for each question, 22 total


Lesson Design by Jordan School District Teachers and Staff.

Created: 10/02/2014
Updated: 02/05/2018