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Minding Your Manners

Main Core Tie

FCS Exploration
Strand 5 Standard 1

Time Frame

4 class periods of 45 minutes each




This unit helps to emphasize the importance of proper manners and etiquette in creating a positive self-concept, developing communication skills, giving good first impressions, and having appropriate social skills. Specific meal etiquette is presented during the foods unit.


Packer, Alex J. HOW RUDE! The Teenagers' Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior, and NOT Grossing People Out; Free Spirit Publishing, 1997.

Etiquette Video Series (7 videos in all) CEV Mulitimedia, 1020 SE Loop 289, Lubbock TX 79404.

Background for Teachers

MOTIVATOR: Introduce this unit by giving the students a spaghetti dinner. Ideally, it should be set up before the students come to class because the spaghetti is blue, the sauce is red, and it is served on newspaper without the benefit of utensils. Have them take a seat and enjoy themselves; continue writing their reactions on the board. This leads to a great discussion of cultural differences, expectations, what is considered proper etiquette, etc. (50 minutes) NOTE: Word gets around among students . . . vary the menu in order to keep the students entertained (grits, couscous, hummus and pita, mystery soup, other foods with which they may not be familiar and don’t know how to eat, especially without the proper utensils).

PROCEDURES: This unit can take up to four 50-minute class sessions or longer to complete. One class for the motivator, one for the worksheet answers 1 through 5, one for answers 6 and 7. The thank you notes take a least one complete period. To avoid wasting the nice cards, have students do rough drafts first on scratch paper and once you approve them, on the cards. They must not start the note with I, but should focus on the person to whom the note is sent and the act or gift. Most have no clue on how to properly address an envelope, either, and each is stamped and sent once complete. Give points for proper completion. Practice handshakes, proper introductions, telephone etiquette, and talk about the work ethic. The kids really get into this and classtime flies.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will have an opportunity to learn about and practice basic social etiquette.

Instructional Procedures


Have students complete the attached worksheet.

Created: 07/30/2002
Updated: 02/05/2018