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Small Appliances

Time Frame

8 class periods of 45 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication


Annette Ainscough


Students will read information relating to the care and use of small kitchen appliances. They will apply their knowledge in correctly using several small appliances.


Electric Fry Pan, Popcorn Popper, Hand Mixer, Wok, Crepe Maker, Waffle Iron, Food for labs

Background for Teachers

Make sure all appliances are in working order.

Student Prior Knowledge

Knowledge of cooking terminology.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will learn how to use a variety of small appliances.

Instructional Procedures


Have students in small groups brainstorm a list of as many small kitchen appliances as they can. Have the group with the most listed read their list. As an appliance is read , the other groups should cross it off their lists if it is read. Have the other groups list any appliance they might have that the first group didn't include. (A prize for the winning group would be optional.)

Discuss the pros and cons of small appliances.


Easy to use

Time saving

Make good gifts

Necessary for preparing some foods such as waffles


Not used very often

Hard to clean

Take up a lot of storage space

Not always the best product

Have the students read the SMALL APPLIANCE INFORMATION PACKET and answer the questions following the information on each of the appliances.


Demonstrate the small appliance labs that the student will be doing. Identify features, safety factors, and use as you show the appliances. Some of the appliances you can just talk about; some you need to demonstrate how to use.

The labs are done in a round robin so you only need one or two of each appliance, depending on the number of units you have.

Review how to read the round robin chart


Each day you will need the appliance and ingredients for the labs. All of the groceries can be purchased at the beginning of the unit. At the beginning of each class, put out the appliances and supplies on the supply table.

You may wish to break up the cooking days by doing other activities.

Small appliance word search

Have the students invent a new small appliance

Tell them you will give them $100.00 and they need to buy equipment and appliances for their first kitchen. What would they buy? Provide them with a catalog or list of kitchen equipment and appliances.

Created: 07/31/2002
Updated: 02/05/2018