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Art & Creativity

Main Core Tie

Early Childhood Education 1
Strand 2 Standard 2

Time Frame

3 class periods of 60 minutes each

Group Size

Large Groups

Life Skills

  • Thinking & Reasoning
  • Communication




Lesson on how to teach art, stages of art, how to develop creativity, ideas on art activities for children


Power point projector, art supplies for art activity day, colored paper for red flower activity, right brain test, and a collection of pictures drawn by children of different ages. Students will decide which stage of art they are in.

Background for Teachers



It is helpful to be able to read books listed in the bibliography.

Student Prior Knowledge

Any classes in art are helpful. Experience working with children and doing art with them.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will take notes on how to teach art; they will determine if they are right or left brained, They will experience the frustration of teacher-directed art and trying to stay in the lines of a coloring book; they will experience different art activities.

Instructional Procedures


See the lesson plan.

Assessment Plan

Quiz on children's art. Sample state test bank questions.

Contact using your education email address if you would like copies of the test / exam for this lesson plan. Be sure to include the Lesson Plan title in your email request.


Text "Introduction to Early Childhood Education" by J. Brewer, "Considering Children's Art" by B. Engel, "ART Basic for young Children" by L. Lasky & R. Mukerji-Bergeson, "The Colors of Learning" by R. Althouse, last three books can be ordered from, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by B. Edwards.

Created: 07/12/2003
Updated: 02/05/2018