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2nd Grade - Act. 19: Rock Hounds


After reading Byrd Baylor's book "Everybody Needs a Rock", students will select a rock, study it, and describe its attributes.



  • Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor
  • colored sand and glue
  • assorted rocks
  • classifying grid
  • hand lenses

Additional Resources

Rocks by Brenda Parkes (Newbridge Discovery Links)

Intended Learning Outcomes

Intended Learning Outcomes
5. Understand and use basic concepts and skills.

Process Skills
Observation, description, classification, segmentation and blending

Instructional Procedures

Invitation to Learn
Ask students, “What is sand?”

Instructional Procedures

  1. Look at sand with hand lenses. Help students discover that sand is a lot of itty-bitty rocks.
  2. Read Everybody Needs a Rock. Discuss some of the rock attributes presented (e.g., size, color, shape, and texture).
  3. Select a rock and study it. Have students help describe it. Introduce and discuss other rock attributes such as hardness, patterns, crystals, etc. Complete the description of the rock.
  4. Put students into small groups of three or four. Have them select a rock, and then describe and classify their rocks. Write down the descriptions and pool all the rocks together again.
  5. Have groups move to a new group location. Students should choose a description and try to find the rock it goes with.


Keep a list of the attributes listed so students can see how the words are spelled. If necessary, buddy up students so they have a resource to help with spelling and reading.

Family Connections
Look for rocks at home and practice describing their attributes.

Assessment Plan

Can students describe rocks using appropriate terminology?

Created: 08/12/2003
Updated: 03/04/2022