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Math 4 - Act. 16: Defining: Cylinders, Cubes, & Prisms


This activity is intended to give students experience looking at solids and sorting them by their attributes.


  • An assortment of Geosolids (cones, prisms, cubes, and cylinders are identified in the core)
  • Characteristics Worksheet
  • Boxes or nets of each solid that can be taken apart

Background for Teachers

Prior experience in sorting and classifying would be helpful. This activity should be followed up with classifying lessons for each of the solids listed.

Intended Learning Outcomes

3. Reason mathematically.

Instructional Procedures

Invitation to Learn
Can you sort these solids into different groups? Sorting rules are:

  1. All members of the group must have common attributes.
  2. When finished sorting, label each group with the common attribute.

Instructional Procedures

  1. Students will sort the solids into the number of pre-determined groups and then list the common attribute of each group.
  2. Class will discuss how to identify characteristics of each solid.
  3. Do the worksheet which focuses students’ attention on attributes of each solid, determining what is always, sometimes, and never present (one for each solid is best).


Possible Extensions/Adaptations/Integration
Go on a geometry walk through the building, identifying the different solids.

Homework & Family Connections
Identify common solids around the house.

Assessment Plan

See scrapbook assignment.

Created: 08/29/2003
Updated: 02/01/2018