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BUS COMM I: Teamwork Activity

Main Core Tie

Business Communication I
Strand 9

Time Frame

1 class periods of 15 minutes each

Group Size

Small Groups

Life Skills



Traquel Dayley


This team-building activity is really fun for students. They have to work together to accomplish a common goal.



Each group will need one rubberband, 10 plastic cups, and one 8-inch piece of kite string for each group member. (Maximum of 6 people per group - minimum of 4.)

Intended Learning Outcomes

Students will learn to appreciate each other. The common goal cannot be accomplished if group members don't work together. Students will be able to connect this activity to real life by thinking of scenarios from the real world that might be similar to what happens in their group. Example: I had a student once who would not participate. His team tried to motivate him and encourage him, but in the end, they lost because he wouldn't help. One person in the group ended up holding his string as well as hers. Connection: If three people were assigned to work on a proposal in the business world and each person had a particular responsibility, everyone must pitch in. If one person drops the ball, someone else usually ends up making up for it. We then discussed how each group member felt about the experience and what they would do differently next time.

Instructional Procedures


Divide students into groups of six. Give each group 10 plastic cups, a rubberband, and one 8-inch piece of kite string for each group member. They do not begin until you say go. The group's challenge is to stack the cups like a pyramid (4 on bottom, then 3, 2, 1.) without touching the cups with their hands. They may only use the items given to them. The secret is to tie the strings onto the rubberband (like a sun) so each person can pull on their string to open the rubberband. Once the rubberband is open, it is placed over a cup and tightened. Then the cups can be placed on top of each other while each student hold on to his/her string. The first group to make the pyramid wins!

Assessment Plan

To assess what the student learned from the activity, I had them free write about it before we discussed it. They made their own connections, shared with a partner, then we shared with a group.

Created: 02/03/2004
Updated: 01/31/2018