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my.uen Help Center
Customizing Your Page


Rearrange Portlets

  1. Run your mouse over the blue bar at the top of the portlet you wish to move.
  2. When you see the crosshairs or a hand, click and drag the portlet to your preferred location. You will see a black arrow pointing to the spot that the portlet will be placed.
  3. Release the mouse button when you arrive at the place on the screen where you want the portlet placed.


Change Page Theme, Color Scheme and Icon

  1. Use the “Edit Page Look” link located in the upper right corner of your screen.  This will open a window with a list of available themes, color schemes and icons.
  2. Use the radio buttons next to the theme, color scheme and icon you would like for that page.
  3. Use the Close link in the upper right corner to close the window.

Personal Icon

You can upload a personal icon to display on your pages.

  1. Navigate to your Personal page.
  2. Use the "Edit Name and Login" link at the top of the page.
  3. About halfway down the screen you will see a "My Personal Icon" area next to your name. Use the Change link to upload a small (80 pixels x 80 pixels) image that you have saved to your hard drive.
  4. Go to the page you want to display this icon and use the "Edit Page Look" option, click on the Icon tab and select the small image you just uploaded.

At this point you can only upload one image.

Edit Page Layout

  1. Use the “Edit Page Layout” link in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Choose the layout option you would like for that page.
  3. Use the “Save” button to close the layout window.

Customize a Portlet

Since each portlet is unique, customization steps are unique as well.

For example, to receive continually updated stock quotes, simply enter individual ticket symbols into the Stocks portlet.

Use the Edit icon at the top of a portlet window to view instructions on how to customize that specific portlet.

Add, Delete, or Rename a Page / Tab

When you log into your my.uen page you will see a "Home" tab and an "Add Page" tab.Add page

To add another page, simply click on the "Add Page" link, type a name for that page and use the Save option.

You can rename a page by clicking on the tab to bring it into focus, replacing the tab's existing name with a new name, and using the Save option.

To delete a page you must be on a page that is not the one you want to delete. Hover your mouse over the tab you want to delete and use the X in the upper right corner. delete tab

Rename a Portlet

Rename portletAll of the portlets can be renamed. (e.g. You can change the text "Announcements" to "Important Information".)

Log into your my.uen page and click on the portlet name you want to change. When you click the cursor will stay at the end of the portlet name – simply use your delete key to remove the text and then type to add a new name.


How do I hide or display my email address on my Public my.uen page?

To display or hide your email address on our Public page, use the “Edit Name and Login” link on your Personal page and select the appropriate radio button. Be sure to save your changes before leaving that page.

Adding Images to your Message Portlets and Blog Posts

Adding personal images to your my.uen page is a two step process.

  1. Upload the image file to the "My Images" folder in your Documents Manager portlet.
  2. Display the image in a message portlet or blog post.
1. Add your image file as a document:
  1. Navigate to your Personal page.
  2. my images folder
  3. Use the "Add Page Content" link in the upper right corner.
  4. Go to the "My Stuff" category and add the "Documents Manager" portlet.
  5. Use the Edit icon.
  6. Click on the "Top Level" folder to reveal the "My Images" folder.
  7. Click on the "My Images" folder.
  8. Use the Add a document link.
  9. Click Browse to select the image file you want to upload. The image must be a .jpg, .gif, or .png file. (Do not upload copyrighted images.)
  10. Type the name and description you want displayed for the image file. (If you don't add a name, the file name will be used.)
  11. File Upload
  12. Use the Upload button. This will save the file and return you to your list of documents.
  13. Use the "Close" button at the top of Documents Manager portlet.
2. Display the image in a message portletAdd Image
  1. Navigate to your my.uen Public page (use the "Edit my Public Page" link at the top of the screen.)
  2. Edit one of the Message portlets.
  3. Use the Insert / edit image button (the tree). This will pop-up a small window.
  4. Click on the blue folder icon my images folder icon to the right of the Image URL box.
  5. Select one of the images you uploaded to the My Images folder in your Documents Manager portlet.
  6. After inserting the image be sure to use the Save button before closing the message portlet.

Note: To resize the image, click on it and drag a corner until it is the desired size.

Follow steps 3-6 to add images to your Blog posts.


It is also possible to add an image or clipart from another web page to your my.uen page.

  1. Use the EDIT button on the Announcement portlet - or any of the message portlets.
  2. Open a second browser window. You should still be logged into my.uen on one browser window, but can navigate to another web site in the second window. Go to a web site that has the image you want on your my.uen page. (Visit UEN's Multimedia Resources web page to find some images.)
  3. Click and drag the image from the one web page over to your my.uen message portlet.

If that doesn't work, click and drag over the image you want so that it is highlighted or selected. While it is still selected, go to the browser's Edit menu and select Copy (or use ctrl C on your keyboard.) Click your mouse in the message portlet - while in Edit mode - and go to the browser's Edit menu and select Paste (or use ctrl P on your keyboard.)

If the image that you are "borrowing" is an image link - then it should remain linked when you paste it. If it is not a link - click on the image while in Edit mode and Use the Insert / Edit Link option on the tool bar. (It is the option with a globe and link.)

  • If you ignore your my.uen page while logged in - you will get timed out after about 30 minutes - so be sure to save your changes on the messages portlets - before going off to another page to look for images.

Embedding videos in your Message Portlets

Many web sites that host videos (e.g. YouTube) provide the embed code so you can post videos on your own web page.

Below is the embed code for the "UEN in a Nutshell" video posted on YouTube:

  embed video

Here is the "old embed code" that is also available on YouTube.

embed video

Here are the steps:

  1. Copy the embed code
  2. Edit a message portlet embed source
  3. Use the HTML htmloption on the editing tool bar (This pops up a new window.)
  4. Paste the embed code
  5. Use the "Update" button (This will take you back to the message portlet.)
  6. Save changes

Note: you won't see the video when you are in edit mode. You will need to save and close the message portlet to see the video.


Embedding Your Google Calendar into a my.uen Message Portlet

  1. Log into your Google Calendar
  2. Go to the Calendar Setting via the Gear icon at the top right.


  1. Click the “Calendars” link / tab.

  1. Click the calendar name from the list under "My Calendars" (e.g. Ms. Butler's Class Calendar)

This will load the Calendar Details page and about halfway down you will see the "Embed This Calendar" section.

  1. Copy the code in the box that looks like this:

<iframe style="border: 0;" src=";ctz=America/Denver" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="800" height="600"></iframe></p>

  1. Log into and edit a Message portlet.
  2. Use the HTML button in the second row to the right of the tree icon. This will pop up a small window
  3. Paste (CTRL + V) the code.
  4. Use the update button and then the Save button. You will only see a yellow box until you use the Close option at the top right corner of the portlet.


Page Visit Counter

If you want to know how many visits your my.uen public page(s) gets, simply activate the page counter.

Follow these steps to activate a page counter: Rename portlet

    1. Log into your my.uen page and click on the "Edit Page Look" link at the top of your PUBLIC pages. (Note: the counter is not available on your Personal pages.)
    2. Select the Visit Counter tab under Look and visit counter
    3. Select either the "Add a public visit counter." option or the "Add a private visit counter." (The public option will allow ALL visitors to view the number of page visits.)

    The number of page visits will be displayed in the footer of the page.

    • You can have a unique counter for each of your Public pages, but you must follow the steps above to activate the counter.
    • When you log into my.uen and Edit your Public pages this will NOT be counted as a visit.
    • A Reset option is available after you receive at least one visit.