January 2017 Highlights

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January 1
New Year's Day
UEN wishes you a fantastic 2017 and hope you stay connected with us all year long.
January 4
Statehood for Utah
In 1896, after a half-century of struggle, statehood arrived for Utah.
January 16
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Check out UEN's Themepark page on Civil Rights and download the "Great Hearts of Courage: Martin Luther King, Jr." video in UEN's eMedia. MLK Day is also National Day of Service.
January 23
Opening Day of the 2017 Utah Legislature
Visit le.utah.gov often to stay on top of proposed bills and legislation. This is a great civics opportunity for students.
January 25
Presidential Primary Sources Project
2017 Theme: Culture, Society, and Presidential Decision-Making Learn more and register...
January 28
Chinese New Year
2017 is a year of the Rooster according to the Chinese 12-year animal zodiac cycle.
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App of the Month

The White House's "1600" is a new way for kids and Americans of all ages to learn about what happens at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Utah's Online Library

World Book Explains Videos
World Book Discover has a collection of videos that answer questions like "What's it like working for a U.S. president?" and "Is genetically engineered food bad for you?"
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Utah Youth Suicide Prevention
Crisis Toolkit
The Utah State Board of Education developed this collection of resources for counselors, educators and parents.


Connect with UtahFutures
Find out what is new at UtahFutures.org by following us on Twitter (@UtahFutures) or participating in a training opportunity.
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eMedia Features

Happy and Healthy New Year
  • The Body in Motion
  • Body Systems and Health Series
  • Maintaining A Healthy Body: Your Health
  • This is ONLY a Test! - Goals

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • 20th Century Turning Points in U.S. History. Maps and Documents. "I Have a Dream" Speech by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • American Experience. Citizen King
  • In Remembrance of Martin
  • A Ripple of Hope: A True Story of Personal Courage and Responsibility
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UEN-TV 9.1

UEN-TV January 2017 Highlights
We hope you enjoy another great year of educational programming from UEN-TV. This month's highlights include leaders, Asia and science.


MHz Worldview 9.2

My India
Saturdays at 3:30 p.m.
My India explores new films and exotic travel destinations. There are also weekly reports on the latest in the Indian economy with an analysis by an expert based in Mumbai. Subtitled in English.

FNX 9.3

Finding Our Talk
Daily at 11:00 a.m.
Finding Our Talk examines the state of Aboriginal languages within Canada and celebrates the many individuals, communities and organizations that are reclaiming their language, culture, stories and often, their very existence as a people.
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PBS Utah

NATURE "Snowbound: Animals of Winter"
Wednesday, January 11 at 7:00 p.m.
Travel across the snow globe with wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan to meet animal survivors of winter, from the penguins of Antarctica to the Arctic fox and the bison of Yellowstone. Snow looks magical, but it's a harsh reality to these animals.

Rachel Carson: American Experience
Tuesday, January 24 at 7:00 p.m.
Meet the scientist whose groundbreaking writings revolutionized our relationship to the natural world. Mary-Louise Parker is the voice of Rachel Carson in this moving and intimate portrait.