June 2018 Highlights

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June 13 & 14
UETN Tech Summit
June 14
Flag Day
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UtahFutures Hour

UtahFutures Hour, presented by UtahFutures American Graduate, begins at 6 p.m. with the life-altering adventures of Roadtrip Nation followed by Workplace Essential Skills. Weekdays on UEN-TV.

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eMedia Features

  • D-Day: Down to Earth - Return of the 507th
  • D-Day Minus One
  • The Perilous Fight: Episode 03-Wrath: D-Day to VE-Day
  • Great Museums: National D-Day Museum - Triumph of the Spirit
  • Reporting America At War: Part 02
Father's Day:
  • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Something Special for Dad / I Love You, Mom
  • Digital Science Online: Heredity
  • Learn Genetics: Your Doctor's New Genetic Tools
  • My Hometown: Secrets of the Heart
  • Reading Rainbow: Always My Dad
  • Weird Science: Pregnant Dads?
  • Utah Women and Education: A Dad’s Impact on Higher Education
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UEN-TV 9.1

UEN-TV June 2018 Highlights
  • UtahFutures Hour - weekdays at 6 pm
  • The Art Detectives
  • Visionkeepers

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PBS Utah

Hawking - Masterpiece
Wednesday, June 6 at 9:00 p.m
The life of Stephen Hawking, one of the most remarkable minds of the modern age, is chronicled.
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