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What's New @ UEN?

The UEN Staff has been very busy this summer. Here is a snapshot of some of the projects we've been working on.

eMedia. New videos to download.

Common Craft* - explainer style videos that teach various topics on technology such as Twitter, cookies, blogs, photo sharing and more.

113 New PBS titles - Watch full episodes of PBS shows: Secrets of the Dead, Zooboomafoo, Downton Abbey*, NOVA ScienceNOW episodes, New Cyberchase and Between the Lions episodes ... and so much more!

Cheese Slices - You've heard about UEN's Cheese Science program, you've watched it on UEN-TV, and now you can watch and download the episodes from eMedia!

eMedia Upgrade- You can now easily refine what you are searching by clicking on the "All Resources" dropdown box and select a different collection or use an advanced search. And when you start typing in search terms the box will auto-complete with suggestions.

* These videos are only available to Utah Educators who access eMedia through their my.uen account and to Utah College students and staff via CollegeMedia.


Network Services. We Network for Education.

Uintah Basin Network ReDesign - UEN has all but completed implementation of an entirely new network design in the Uintah Basin. As many remember, the basin was one of the first Ethernet conversions on the network. When we built that segment of the network, it was revolutionary in its time, however not a completely understood change for the long term. We have since learned a lot about running an Ethernet backbone over the years, and those lessons learned have proven valuable and effective. Unfortunately, some of the older areas of the network did not benefit from some of those lessons until now. The network redesign in the basin brings the entire basin up to a standard used throughout the rest of our network. The project was completed with minimal costs and changes in equipment and in just a few short months.

Network Monitoring - We have enhanced our monitoring capabilities of the network by rolling out updates to many of the tools used to monitor the network. Specifically in areas of security monitoring.

BTOP - Thanks to UEN and its Utah and Federal partners, more than 120 community anchor institutions have been connected to high speed broadband. They include dozens of public schools, charter schools, libraries and Head Start organizations that are part of the BTOP (Broadband Technology Opportunities Program). By January 1, when the project officially ends, more than 140 sites in 59 communities will benefit from the $13.4 million, three year initiative. Visit for more information.



More improvements.

Blog Post Comments - In addition to commenting on your blog post, visitors can now comment on other people's comments. This is great way to initiate a "threaded discussion" with your students.

3 GB - Utah Educators now have 3 gigabytes of Document storage. (Note: This is only for "Premium" educators - so be sure to associate your school email address on your my.uen page.)

Pioneer Library

Updates and additions.

New Password - Pioneer Online Library has a new home access password. Visit from a school computer to see the new password or ask your local K-12 school librarian.

NROC HippoCampus - Free educational resources for middle school, high school and college students and instructors. Explore how HippoCampus can help you.


Professional Development. Take a Class.

USBE Partnership - UEN is working with USBE to offer new online Financial Literacy and Social Studies courses.

Intel Partnership - We are now offering 4 new fully online courses that include high quality, engaging materials to help you teach critical 21st Century skills integrated with Common Core standards.

Atomic Learning Partnership - Teachers can earn license points by watching video tutorials on important technology and education topics and skills.

New Fall Schedule - Available September 1. The schedule includes Saturday classes and fully online courses, as well as W-F classes for those who are able to be away from the classroom.

Canvas Training - UEN developed a six week, fully online course on designing online instruction with Canvas as well as "Online Teaching with Canvas CMS", a 1-day in-person class which will be offered twice this fall. Schools and districts can also request Canvas training for teachers tailored to their specific implementation needs – contact the professional development manager, Victoria Rasmussen at 801-581-7862 or

iPad and eBook Training – We also offer a six week, fully online courses on Teaching and Learning with the iPad and using eLiterature – eBooks and eReaders – in the classroom. Also, request training for your group of 10 or more on either topic and we'll come to your site at a time convenient for your group.


SciFi Friday.

Science to go with the Show.

UEN-TV takes UEN SciFi Friday on the road! On July 26, UEN’s award-winning program screened the hysterical B-film “The Beast of Yucca Flats” at Kearns Library. Complete with popcorn, “Beast Bingo” and prizes, the event raised awareness of the “Science to go with the Show” podcast that invites a scientist or other expert to comment on a campy, classic film aired Fridays at 9 p.m. on UEN-TV.


Science Education Event.

UEN is proud to be part of CI-WATER, a Utah-Wyoming collaboration to help us better understand water systems in the West through innovative science and computing. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s EPSCoR program, CI-WATER includes public education to raise awareness of science, technology, engineering and math careers and opportunities as well as cultural, economic, and scientific issues of water resource management. To this end, UEN launched the project’s website, aired a week of water-themed programs on UEN-TV in May, and is helping plan the First Annual CI-WATER Symposium, which will include an appearance by science educator Dr. Christopher Emdin on September 5. Education is our middle name.

New Lesson Plans - This summer UEN worked with USBE and educators around the state to develop new lesson plans to help you teach the Utah Core.

Educational Apps - Hundreds of new Apps have been added to UEN's Apps4Edu service. Be sure to take a minute to rate Apps and to send us suggestions.

Summer Highlights - Did you miss the May, June, July and August UEN Highlights? If you did, don't worry, they are still available. And to avoid missing future UEN highlights, subscribe to UEN's monthly eNewsletter.

FACS Curriculum Guides - UEN now hosts 16 Family and Consumer Science Curriculum Guides. Courses include Foods and Fitness, Interior Design and Teen Living.

E-Rate CIPA Guidelines - Utah's K-12 schools (i.e., any public, charter, or private school receiving e-rate funding) are now required by E-Rate CIPA guidelines to certify that they are educating minors about appropriate online behavior, with topics including cyber-bullying and safe use of social networking tools. Districts should be in compliance with the following requirements as of July 1, 2012:

  1. Technology Protection Measure – School districts must have Internet filtering software installed.
  2. Updated Internet Safety Policy which includes the new educational component – School districts must have an Internet Safety policy on file that addresses a number of specified issues. (Note: UEN's NetSafe project has developed content that addresses these issues.)
  3. Proof of public notice and approval of your district's Internet safety policy – After posting reasonable public notice, school districts must hold a public meeting at which the Internet Safety policy is discussed.
UEN can help Utah's schools/districts to comply with these new E-Rate CIPA guidelines. For details, visit UEN's E-Rate CIPA web page.


Vote Utah.

Utah's Public Voice.

UEN and other public media providers have banded together for Vote Utah, an innovative project to inform state voters about candidates and issues. Vote Utah represents a balanced informative commitment to explore the political process and provide avenues for citizen engagement.

Utah Data Alliance

Looking Back. Moving Forward.

UEN just launched the Utah Data Alliance web site. As a collaborative, multi-organizational partnership, the Utah Data Alliance seeks to enhance the quality of educational research and analysis in Utah regarding policies, practices, and programs by utilizing an integrated statewide longitudinal data system of individual, de-identified information. The Utah Data Alliance provides policy and decision makers research findings with the goal of improving education and workforce policy and practice.