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New Home for CUES

Regional educational service center CUES has moved into its new home at 820 N. Main St. in Richfield

The regional educational service center CUES, Central Utah Educational Services, has moved into its new home at 820 N. Main St. in Richfield.

The new facility includes a large classroom that is equipped with interactive video conferencing technology that allows students to connect with other classrooms and universities around the state. UEN supplied the hardware and computer links for the IVC facility. Teachers using the facility will be able to connect to online university courses, professional development classes, and conferences such as the Utah Rural Schools Conference.

"This move provides a permanent home for Central Utah Educational Services. The purchase and remodel of the new CUES building can be attributed to the vision and direction of past directors and board of directors," said Jason Strate, Director of CUES.

CUES is one of four regional service centers in Utah, which help the rural school districts in Utah provide services to teachers and students. CUES serves seven school districts around the intersection of Interstates 15 and 70. Other regional service centers are NUES, SESC and SEDC.

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