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4 Tools to Help Prep your Student for College

So, you have a high-school senior at home, and back-to-school preparations have been hectic. Have you or your student started thinking about college preparations?

Max Gonzales, of UETN and Utah Futures, broke down the basics of college planning during an appearance on Good Things Utah.

Gonzales said, “It is never too early to start the college application process,” and offered four ways your student can begin a college search:

  1. Narrow down college choices to your top three schools.
  2. Create a resume of your activities and achievements as far back as 9th grade.
  3. Find five people who would be willing to speak about your accomplishments, and write recommendations to colleges.
  4. Realize there are resources — such as counselors, coaches, and online tools — to help with the search. 

Want more information? Check out these helpful resources:

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