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The State of Education Technology in Utah

A quarter of Utah’s schools have outdated Wi-Fi equipment, but it’s not all bad news. Find out what challenges and opportunities our preliminary report uncovered on the state of education technology in Utah’s schools.

The surveys are in and the preliminary report is out on technology in our schools.

The Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN), in partnership with Connected Nation, is releasing the preliminary assessment on education technology in the state’s public schools.

The key findings, so far, include:

As of November 24, we had heard from 37 of 41 school districts and 113 out of 142 charters schools, with the remaining data and feedback submitted since that date. We are proud to report that we have now received 100% participation from the state’s districts and charter schools and will unveil the final report in February 2018.

This information will be used to help guide decision-making on future investments in education technology across the state. Have questions or concerns about the findings? Contact us. Press inquiries to Rich Finlinson.

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