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Good Things Utah Features UEN Resources

The Utah Education Network staff talked about all things education on ABC4's Good Things Utah.

Members of the Utah Education Network's staff appeared this month on ABC4’s Good Things Utah to discuss educational resources available through the network's website. The programs highlighting Education Week, were a partnership between the television station and UETN. The presentations were:

Please visit the following videos to see segments in their entirety.

Jared Covili: Learning management systems and using NoodleTools.

Dani Sloan: UEN's online tools for high-school students such as Gale Resources and Utah’s Online Library.

Max Gonzales: Career planning tools such as UtahFutures and eMedia.

Jared Fawson: Preparation for college entrance exams such as LearningExpress Library

Charice Carroll: Tools to help with concurrent enrollment and how to use interactive video conferencing.

Lisa Cohne: Resources, such as Preschool Pioneer Library, can help partents get preschoolers ready for school.


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