Math Problem Solving Rubric                                

Name: _________________ Teacher:
Date: Class:
Distinguished - 4 Proficient - 3 Apprentice - 2 Novice - 1
Understands the Problem Identifies special factors that influences the approach before starting the problem Understands the problem Understands enough to solve part of the problem or to get part of the solution Doesn't understand enough to get started or make progress
Uses Information Appropriately Explains why certain information is essential to the solution Uses all appropriate information correctly Uses some appropriate information correctly Uses inappropriate information
Applies Appropriate Procedures Explains why procedures are appropriate for the problem Applies completely appropriate procedures Applies some appropriate procedures Applies inappropriate procedures
Uses Representations Uses a representation that is unusual in its mathematical precision Uses a representation that clearly depicts the problem Uses a representation that gives some important information about the problem Uses a representation that gives little or no significant information about the problem
Answers the Problem Correct solution of problem and made a general rule about the solution or extended the solution to a more complicated solution Correct solution Copying error, computational error, partial answer for problem with multiple answers, no answer statement, answer labeled incorrectly No answer or wrong answer based upon an inappropriate plan